On one hand, actual paper recipe cards seems like they could be going the way of the Betamax and the Rolodex. On the other hand, here comes a wonderful stationer creating lovely free (free!) printable recipe cards that actually make use of technology in the perfect way.

free printable recipe cards

Just download the free recipe card printable template
from Love Vs Design and you can do much more than print them and then
hand write your Grandma’s famous peach pie recipe. You can fill them out on
your PC in Adobe Acrobat, meaning they become interactive templates;
type in the instructions or easier yet, cut and paste from your favorite
sites. That way you have a clean, typeset recipe to stash in a recipe
card box, nowhere near an electrical outlet or USB cord.

You can even use a more classic typeface if you want to keep the vintage feeling going. Either way, your own grandkids will never have to look at your handwriting and be
like, “was that 1c sugar or 7c sugar?”  –Liz

Download the free recipe card printable template online from the wedding and card experts at Love Vs Design


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