Even if you’re nowhere near New York’s Fashion Week, let alone teetering
in a pair of too-high stilettos over New York’s cobblestones this week
(always good for a few giggles), you can help support one of my favorite
organizations, Baby Buggy, the same way the glitterati did last week–with a gorgeous limited edition bracelet from a top designer 

carolina herrera bracelet for baby buggy

Last week, at a special Fashion Week fundraising event at the Carolina
Herrera store (swanky!) the Carolina Herrera CH line unveiled this
bracelet made exclusively to support Baby Buggy and their mission to
help the neediest families.

The bracelet is a little dainty and
subtle and not flashy at all; even the embossed lettering over the double-wrap leather band doesn’t quite
appear unless you look closely. I loved it so much I snatched one up in
navy right away. There’s also a beautiful red, and a hunter green that
seemed to be the favorite with the fashionistas. It’s adjustable, watch-style, making it a mommy-and-me bracelet as well. Wrap it an extra time and your tween daughter can wear it to her next fancy party with you.

nicole feliciano - liz gumbinner for baby buggy

Modeling my bracelet with Nicole Feliciano of Mom Trends.
Please excuse the shine–it was HOT out that day!

bracelet retails for $50 with every penny of profits going right to
Baby Buggy. It’s only available through the boutique while the very
limited supplies last. But if you’re not in New York, good news: They have a phone. Call 212.744.2076 to order. Liz

Liz is proud to be one of the newest members of Friends of Baby Buggy, a support and advisory group for Baby Buggy. Feel free to learn more about them on their website. And you can visit Carolina Herrera if you’re in NYC, at 802 Madison Avenue.


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