We all know that personalized items make a baby’s or kid’s gift ten times more special. While many of the big catalog stores offer custom embroidery, they’ll usually only personalize their own brand’s items–which is kind of limiting. So I’m so happy to find a shop that features some of our own favorite small brands, and allows you to personalize their items with a name.

Personalized 3 Sprouts craft storage | Makaboo

For ages we’ve loved companies like 3 SproutsApple Park and Myself Belts. And now the site Makaboo features them as part of a smart selection of items, from loveys and baby gifts, to back-to-school gear, decor, and clothing.

The shop is very easy to navigate and the personalization process is simple as well. Since I am pretty picky, I really appreciated that for each item you order you are provided with a few options of fonts and colors–even so, it would be nice to find one or two more current typefaces (i.e., no curlicues), especially to compliment some of the more modern gifts like those from 3 Sprouts. 

Personalized Apple Park lovey blankets | Makaboo
                Personalized kids' sweaters | Makaboo
Personalized Myself kids' belts | Makaboo         
       Personalized 3 Sprouts kids' storage bins | Makaboo

Still, I’m very pleased to see the quality of the stitching is top notch, and this is coming from someone who lives in the embroidery capital of the world. Another big plus here is that the turnaround time is amazingly speedy–none of this please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery business. 

Not all of us can plan our gifts that far in advance, you know. Sheesh. Stephanie M

Visit Makaboo for personalized embroidery on gifts for babies and kids.

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