Tetris-esque wooden animal blocks for kidsFirst, the bad news: when you get all these block animals lined up just right, there will be no fireworks over the Kremlin. The good news: they’re seriously cute and probably won’t obsess you like Tetris.

Oh, and your kid can play with them, too.

We’re always big fans of My Sweet Muffin, and their new Eco-Wooden Animal Blocks are no exception. In addition to their stunningly adorable design, you can also rest easy knowing that they’re completely child-safe for mouthing and banging. Each block is handmade of different woods, finished only with linseed oil.

The set comes with a cotton pouch and ten animals, making them a great new baby or first birthday gift. We double dog dare you to open it up without trying to fit all the animals together in a perfect square that defies the laws of animal husbandry. Delilah
Find the Eco-Wooden Animal Blocks at My Sweet Muffin.