Every Little Thing kids' book by Cedella MarleyWhile we’re big supporters of all the cool kids’ music out there, there’s so much great adult music that kids love too. And no, not just the Beatles. So I’m really happy to see one of my kids’ favorite “grown-up” songs has been turned into a joyful, colorful, exuberant children’s book that brings the timeless lyrics to life.

Admit it: you sang Bob Marley’s Three Little Birds to your kids when they were babies like I did, right? If so, you’ll instantly fall for the children’s book Every Little Thing, which has been adapted by his daughter Cedella Marley and wonderfully illustrated by Vanessa Brantley-Newton.

This is a sweet story about a boy who won’t let life get him down, with help
from (you guessed it) three little birds on his window and his family
and friends. The familiar lyrics of hope and love are all there, plus some extras that
fit quite nicely into the context of a picture book: Run to the playground, laugh with my friends and play. Three little birds, perch on the swing set…

It’s clear that Cedella put her heart into this; I can feel the love for her own three sons right though the pages.

Prose aside, I
imagine the pictures will suck kids right in. Who wouldn’t dream of
being the kid who talks to birds, let alone has two super hip-looking
parents who play the guitar for him at night as he goes to bed? 

As for my kids, they’ll never have a guitar-playing mom. But I am always happy to start the day with them with the words, Rise up this morning, smile with the rising sun. –Liz

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