One of my son’s favorite activities is creating DIY roads and parking garages for his collection of Matchbox cars. So when I saw this super easy tutorial, I thought it would be a cool way to take his imaginative play to the next level.

These DIY chalkboard city blocks from hellobee are brilliant, imaginative fun. Requiring only a few supplies (and crafty genes are NOT on the list of must-haves), you and your favorite car-lover can whip up an entire neighborhood in a couple of minutes. Vroom-vroom!


DIY chalkboard city blocks

All you’ll need is chalkboard paint, sandpaper, and a bunch of old blocks (or even the piles of wood pieces you’ve got lying around your garage–wait, is that only me?). Once you’ve painted the blocks and let them dry overnight, just hand your little ones a few pieces of chalk. They can take it from there, designing their own buildings and houses for hours of play. Awesome.

You can find the full DIY chalkboard city blocks tutorial on hellobee


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