Up All NightSitcoms have to be seriously good to get my attention at the end of the day. The kids are asleep and the house is quiet, so if I’m going to watch some telly instead of calling it a night, then it had better be worth my time…and crack me up. Make me laugh, or I’m out, people.

Thankfully, one of my favorites, NBC’s Up All Night, is back for another season. And it’s starting off with a bang. (Nice going, writers!)

I’m a huge SNL fan, especially the old-school SNL. Up All Night creator Emily Spivey and Maya Rudolph bring the SNL craziness to the tube. It’s hot…and smart, with clever humor and sharp writing guaranteed to please parents and non-parents alike. Christina Applegate is utterly charming as Reagan, and Will Arnett brings his signature goofy gallantry as Chris. But the best part? Watching the couple navigate their way through parenthood with all of its spills and spit-ups. Literally. The actors get it, and it shows.

When you tune in for Season 2, you’re in for a ride. For one, Maya’s kooky character, Ava, no longer has her Oprah-style show to keep her busy. This means more foibles and follies, in perfect Maya Rudolph style. It’s also a switch for Chris and Reagan, as Reagan goes from breadwinner to stay at home mom.
By the way, I just found out that Ava has her own Twitter account and it’s awesome. Follow @Avaonava and you will not be disappointed. Recent tweet: “Okay, so clearly me and the peeps at 911 have different definitions of the word emergency.”

Up All Night is on NBC on Thursday nights. You make the popcorn–I’ve already got my feet up.