Honest Baby DiapersFinding the right diaper for your new baby can be just as difficult as finding the right jeans for your post-partum body. 

Without naming names, I can still remember the popular brand of diaper that caused volcanic leakage that ruined my first baby’s cutest onesies. Another brand smelled funny. And yet another had tape that wouldn’t stick. $40 and three boxes of useless diapers later, I –like many moms–finally found the brand that fit my baby perfectly.

Now, a new service makes finding the right diaper easier–and cheaper.

Diaper Dabbler is a brilliant new way for new parents to try a mix of disposable diaper brands–for the same price as gambling on one package of a brand that might not suit your wee babe’s bottom.

Each sample pack includes three each of six different kinds of popular diapers, all in size 1. Whether you want to focus on the most cost-effective diapers, the most popular mainstream diapers, or the most earthy and eco-conscious diapers including the gorgeous ones from The Honest Co shown here,  Diaper Dabbler has a sample pack for you.

They also have a printable rating chart to help you remember your favorites (and put a big X on the ones that aren’t your cup of tea).

For the biggest diaper bang for your buck, I’d recommend the Mega Mom pack, which gives you three each of twelve different diapers. And, still not naming any names, my two favorite brands are included. The only thing that hurts more than tossing or giving away a huge box of unused FAIL diapers is having one explode during a family photo in that all-white Easter outfit that buttons up the back. Ask me how I know. Wait. Don’t. I’m still having flashbacks. –Delilah
Find sample packs of popular disposable diaper brands at Diaper Dabbler which make an amazing new mom gift!

And if you do end up with unused, unopened packs diapers, consider donating to a charity like Baby Buggy which gets hundreds of requests a month from families in need.