Handpainted faces baby mobileMy favorite kind of mobile isn’t my cell phone. I love hanging mobiles. What’s not to love? They’re moving pieces of art, transformed by light, wind, and perspective. And I’ve just found a real beauty that you might love as much as your baby. Why should they have all the fun?

I totally adore this beautiful handmade baby mobile from Little Edie. Becky Brisco is the talented artist behind the shop. Her multicultural mobile is a fantastic way to introduce your child to the beauty of diversity. All of the faces are hand-painted so each mobile is completely unique–just like us.

The mobile is sweetness, pure and simple, from the cheery smiles to the warm shades of wood. I’m kind of tempted to put a mobile up in my office, over my desk. It’s sweeter than a mocha latte. Seriously. –Eva
Get your own handmade Little Edie Multicultural Mobile for babies at asize2small.com

[via oh joy!]