Juju Ladybug | BeatrixNYBefore I was a cool mom, I was a cool aunt with very high standards. Lucky for me, being a cool aunt in New York City isn’t tough, as fabulous boutiques beckon from just about every other corner. But one in particular really captured this cool auntie’s heart…in more ways than one.

[Keep reading after the jump for a chance to support the children of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Hospital!]

I’ve been loyal to the wonderful NYC-based Beatrix brand for three special little ladies now. I always knew the brand had a fun, high-quality product line, but now I know the company has good hearts behind it as well.

Project Ladybug is not just an adorable name, it’s a big project. As part of a very special promotion, if you purchase any items with the popular Juju ladybug on it through October 25, a portion of the sale will go to helping children with cancer at the world-renowned Memorial Sloan-Kettering Hospital.

Pick from water bottlesbackpacksstuffed toys and, yes, iPad cases (these days, more than a few Upper East Side kids are sporting some serious tech). Your purchase makes real a difference–and it’s a purchase guaranteed to please. Trust me. Auntie knows.

beatrix ladybug backpack
This might be a good time to buy a spare gift or two for those upcoming birthday parties. You could even add a little note to let your recipient know that part of the gift was a donation to help other kids–the kind of giving that’s the best of both worlds. –Stephanie M

Not in NYC? Have no fear: you can find the full spread from Beatrix at its just-as-lovely online shop, at BeatrixNY.com. Be sure to use the code JUJU on checkout.