I’ve got some folks I’d like you to meet. These pretty custom dollies are hand-sewn, have hand-painted faces, and each cost less than $50. Um…Barbie who?

I’m downright twitterpated over the beautiful handmade dolls at Hen and Chick on Etsy. Each doll is hand-sewn of a fetching mix of new, vintage, and repurposed fabric and sports a unique face painted by shop owner Rachel Linquist. 
You can buy one of the ready-made dolls in her shop for $40, or order a custom doll for only $45–a steal for such a special gift. Create the doll of your dreams by choosing the gender, hair color and length, skin tone, eye color, clothing color scheme, and a special clothing add-on, like a felt pea coat or a removable skirt. You can even add freckles and glasses. How excellent is that? Your finished doll will be 17 inches tall…and one-of-a-kind in every way.
More great news: she also makes adorable boy dolls.
Plus…Hobbit finger puppets! With removable capes! For hiding from Nazgûl!
Just remember, due to their handmade perfection and occasional tiny parts, these creations are best suited for ages 3 and up. But wouldn’t they look lovely on a shelf, waiting to be discovered by small hands at just the right time? –Delilah
Find custom dolls, finger puppets, pins, hairbands, art dolls, stuffies, and more at Hen and Chick on Etsy.

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