I’m just under two months into the school year, and with three school-aged children under the roof, I am swimming in artwork. The bulletin board, the stacks on my counter, my poor fridge! Then just yesterday, I got the nerve to toss about half of it…and my son totally busted me. Needless to say, I’m pretty much back where I started.

Even if you don’t have a bunch of kids like I do, the artwork can definitely pile up. Here, I rounded up five smart ways to store and display their priceless creations. Whew.

This DIY kids’ art collage tutorial (above) is a fantastic way to turn your kids’ creations into cool wall art. Simply scan your favorites and create a grid collage in Photoshop. You could probably also use a collage template on the free PicMonkey website, so long as you make sure your photos are high-resolution. Then print the collage on good stock paper and frame. Awesome!

Kids' art storage frames | Lil Da Vinci

I’m a big fan of the Lil Da Vinci art frames, which allow you to beautifully show off your kids’ masterpieces right on your wall. The best part is that you can keep up to 50 creations inside the actual frame before you quietly toss them, or put them in a box for storage.

Kids' art keepsake books | Keepsy

I love the idea of using tech to help keep up with your kids’ art, like the cool new Keepsy app that lets you create photo books of your kids’ creations that you can order and have printed right from your smart phone.

Art my kid made

Artkive app

Also, the ArtKive app is a super easy way to store and share your kids’ art all by doing what you might do already: taking photos and emailing them to your friends and family. This app allows you to create a gallery that can be shared with whomever is in your circle, and then print it for safekeeping.


DIY kids' art magnetic frame project | Apartment Therapy

If you’ve got a bit of extra wall space like me, then you might want to try this cool DIY kids’ art display at Apartment Therapy. All you’ll need is a few old frames with the glass removed and a few sheet magnets, which you add to the back of the frame. Then pop your kid’s art up, add a couple of magnets to keep it in place, then hang in your wall. So smart!


Work of Art Clips | Land of Nod

I’ve seen the clothesline art display on tons of DIY websites, however, if you’re not crafty, you can purchase kits, like this adorable Work of Art Clips set on Land of Nod. (Updated: Work of Art Clips set is no longer available at Land of Nod.)

Looking for a place to stash those piles of crayons and paintbrushes, too? Check out our previous post on arts and crafts storage solutions

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