I have active kids. No amount of running, skipping, biking, swimming, gymnastics, dancing or soccer ever seems to tire them out. But each year the cooler months make it a challenge for all of us to stay as active as we’d like.

Organized sports are one thing. Convincing myself that I’d rather be standing in the middle of a freezing cold playground instead of wrapped in a cozy wool blanket on my couch with a steaming tea in my hands? Yeah, that’s a tough one. But I came across a site full of inspiration to keep the whole family moving…even during the chilliest of seasons.

active for life

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That’s where Active for Life comes in. Packed with resources for keeping kids healthy and physically literate, I’m finding great inspiration on this website to fuel our family through the fall and winter. 

Not only is the site overflowing with ideas for raising physically intelligent children and active family activities that kids will love from serious sports to balloon juggling (yes, balloon juggling); there’s also a lot of info about why it’s important to keep my kiddos active in the first place.

Don’t panic if you’re not a big sports person yourself: there’s even an article on 10 tips for non-sporty parents.

After all, it’s not whether you win or lose, or even how you play the game that really counts, it’s whether you play at all. And, as I’ve been learning from Active for Life, physically literate children tend to become healthy, happy and self-confident adults. 

Which leads me to the other big advantage of keeping my kids active through the colder months this year: it might just keep me more active, too. And that extra benefit, in the grand scheme of things, is well worth the sacrifice of the occasional cup of tea on the couch. –Stephanie

Find your own inspiration for active family fun at Active for Life.