My girls have fallen in love with funky socks. I figure it was bound to happen. And truth be told, I think it’s better than falling in love with those flower headbands that are bigger than their heads. Lucky for them, funky socks and tights are all the rage right now. And since I can justify spending a little more on socks–at least now that I know we get about three years and two kids out of them–here are a few that I know they’d go crazy for.

Luna Leggings
I love this company that we discovered earlier this year. They make super high-quality footless and footed tights that pack a big style punch and hold up beautifully. Bonus: Order two pairs now through October 30 and get a third pair free with code “FallSpecial”. ($29)

Marylou girls' knee socks | Oilily

Oilily Marylou Knee Socks
Oilily’s wild Scandinavian color schemes always make me smile. I love these girls’ knee socks with a miniskirt, or popping out of the tops of boots. ($19)

Girls' sparkly striped tights | Old Navy

Striped Tights at Old Navy
Old Navy has quite a selection of patterned tights, but it’s these striped ones with the subtle gold Lurex accent that I’m really loving. ($7.94)

Glow-in-the-dark kids' socks | Trumpette

Trumpette Johnny Stripe Knee Socks
I love that my favorite baby sock brand is now making socks for big kids. This pair comes with two surprises: take off your shoes, and the foot has its own special mock-shoe design. Second: the stripes glow in the dark! ($16.50)

Ninja kids' socks | Sock It To Me

Sock It To Me Ninja Socks
Yes, so they have argyles and roller derby designs and even the 70’s throwback rainbow stripe socks. But I think it’s the ninjas that steal my heart. I was not coerced to say that by ninjas, by the way. ($7.50)

Paul Frank knee-high socks for girls | Target

Paul Frank knee-highs
The Juniors Department at Target has these funky socks for your Julius-loving tween. For this price, it’s kind of hard to resist getting a few. (on sale, $3.50)

Striped tights for girls | Children's Place

Children’s Place Striped Tights
Though the sizes are now limited to bigger girls and teens, I love these stripey tights in fruit punch colors that will brighten up the whole winter. ($7.95)