Bookworm reading log for kidsDo you have a recommendation for a good “Books I’ve Read” journal or notebook for kids? -Suzanne, via Facebook

Book logs or journals are a great way to give kids tangible pride in all the reading they’ve done, as well as a place to look back to remember some of their favorite titles. Keep reading for some of my favorite options for helping kids keep track of the books they’ve read. Christina

I love The Bookworm Journal for younger kids because it offers a nice, simple format to record the books they’ve read. Kids are also encouraged to tear off the corner of each page as they complete it, as if a real “bookworm” is eating its way through their journal. Cute! At the end of the year, just a glance at all those torn corners will give them a real sense of accomplishment. 

Printable Reading Log
This printable Back to School Reading Log suits various ages, depending on the reading abilities of the child. Younger readers might just draw a picture of their favorite book while dictating to you what they love about it. Older kids can fill in the pages themselves and may choose to illustrate a favorite scene or character. 
Book Crush reading journal
My tween would dig Book Crush Journal, which is a little more grownup–though not too much–with entries like “My First Book Crush,” or “Which Character I Would Want for a Friend.” This is definitely a girl-geared log, perfect for those who love to remember special details beyond just the title of the books they’ve read.

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