Board games have a lot to compete with these days. Ever tried to get your older kid to put down Angry Birds in favor of Monopoly? That’s why I’m thrilled to find this interactive (albeit battery-free) board game that’s not boring in the least. And my kids agree.

Morphology game

Meet Morphology Jr.
It’s like Pictionary (remember that game??) for the 21st century. Teams have to guess secret words from a stack of cards, but
instead of drawing the objects, you have to
assemble them using things like string, and blocks which are all provided with the game.

 It’s really fun to figure out…a car from string?

Morphology Junior game
get me wrong, it’s certainly challenging, even for grown-ups. The game is recommended for ages
eight and up but we were able to include our little ones by setting up
teams. Instant family bonding time. There’s also the original Morphology, if you’ve got teens in the house.
There is
something so satisfying and, dare I say, old school about building with
blocks and marbles. It really never gets old.The one thing: the price is a
wee bit high–about double the price of a typical board game–which is what happens when when you buy a game from an indie manufacturer who got their start on Kickstarter this year.

Still, consider the countless hours of entertainment. It beats a cheap game of Monopoly gathering dust in the closet.  –Eva

Morphology Jr is available at your local independent toy store or on their website, Morphology Games.

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