I know, I know…Halloween is not even here and already we’re diving headfirst into holiday picks. But it’s hard to resist when it’s a Hanukkah goodie as cool as these dreidels.

LEGO dreidels
[find out how to get a great limited time discount after the jump!]

Made by artist Val Glaser, who does all kinds of cool things with LEGOs, the LEGO dreidel set
is no different. They’re all hand-made from upcycled bricks, with the
Hebrew letters handstamped. Hand these out, and easily they will be the
best ones any kid brings home. 

Plus, for a limited time, you can find them in the Hanukkah shop at Fab.com for 22% off if you’re a member. (Click on the link to use our invite link if you want to join.)

Not shopping for Hanukkah gear just yet? Check out Val’s Etsy shop for lots of other amazing LEGO goodies including airplane magnets (great party favors!), insanely fun LEGO switchplates featuring Star Wars characters and superheroes, and a whole lot more.

LEGO Star Wars switchplate

LEGO Wonder Woman switchplate

LEGO Superman switchplate

LEGO airplane magnets

Yes, maybe you could make some of it yourself…but you won’t. Or at least I won’t. –Liz

Find the LEGO dreidel set, and other fun LEGO toys and decor online from Val Glaser. And for a limited time, find the dreidels at 22% off at Fab.com.

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