Man Candles!Sure, we love fancy candles as much as the next mom trying to cover up the smell of a yogurt pop hidden under the couch for two weeks. But men need candles, too, and we think they’re really going to love this collection of masculine scents for discriminating fans of pizza and new baseball mitts.

Plus, they help feed the hungry.

And did we mention they’re the brainchild of a teenager?

Hart Main was 13 when he came up with the idea for Man Cans while observing his sister’s school fundraiser selling more traditionally feminine scented candles. But instead of lavender and vanilla scents in glass jars, Man Cans come in recycled soup cans and smell of freshly cut grass, sawdust, gun powder, and bacon. That’s right–these candles are just for men. (Or women who really like the scent of bacon.)

Not only are Man Cans pretty darned clever, but they have a heart. The home-run company purchases cans of soup, donates them to soup kitchens, and then reuses the empty soup cans for the candles. According to the website, they’ve served over 30,000 meals. You can also use Man Cans for a fundraiser and feed even more people while making money to support your school or organization.
We can’t find any info on the quality of ingredients, and we’re not expecting hand-strained, organic wax from super bees. But, honestly, do most men really care about that sort of thing? When candles come in Memphis Style BBQ scent, you just plunk them down in the man cave and hope he won’t try to lick the wax. 
Order early for the coolest Christmas present your favorite dudes have ever received. We’re betting the Santa’s Beard candles will sell out fast. Heh. –Delilah