My kids absolutely love to play store. They’ll gather up whatever small toys they want to sell, set them out, and then yell at me until I agree to buy something. (They need to work on their customer service a little.) I imagine my favorite shopkeepers would happily extend their offerings to sweets if they saw the adorable wooden candy store sets from a brand-new Etsy shop I found.

Snugglebug University Wooden Candy Apples

Snugglebug University at Etsy is pure sweetness. The Wood Snow Cone sets (below) are amazing, but I love the two Deluxe Wooden Candy Store sets best. They’re packed with little whoopee pies, candy peach rings, money, a scoop, and small chalkboard-paint price tags. You just have to decide if your kids would prefer a balance or candy apples in their sweet shop.

Snugglebug University Snow Cone Set

And I absolutely love the idea of the Sweet Shop PDF Printable. I know the little shopkeepers in my house would go crazy for the money, the nametags, and the menus. There are even little lollipop cutouts you can glue onto popsicle sticks for an instant candy shop. So much fun for only five dollars–although I know some of you crafty mamas can make similar ones yourself.

Snugglebug University Deluxe Wooden Candy Store

There are currently only a few of these beautifully handpainted options to choose from, but luckily more sets are coming along soon. And they will represent sweet shops from around the globe. Because, hey, who doesn’t want to learn about the world through candy? 

Seriously. My kids would be all over this whole sweet shop concept like, well, like kids in a candy store. Hold the cavities. –Stephanie S

Stock your kids’ candy inventory at Snugglebug University on Etsy. Just don’t hate us when the treats look so yummy they make you crave the real thing.