I am not the craftiest of the bunch at Cool Mom Picks, so when I see something that looks like, “Hey, we could do that!” I’m all over it. And this kids’ Thanksgiving table craft that you can do super easily fits the bill perfectly.

From our friends at NYC’s Moomah, the wonderful family art space turned online “do it together” magazine, this idea is so wonderful:
1. Print out this cornucopia printable
2. Print out these collage shapes (or find your own from printables on the web, magazines, or old greeting cards)
3. Print out the “I am thankful for…” banners
4. Grab construction paper, glue stick, crayons, and let the kids go to town!If you’re feeling extra crafty, you can have them laminated at a Kinko’s or office supply store.
Moomah the magazine

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like this, smart parenting advice, and more. I just love their tagline: Be inspired and know you are doing enough.

For not-so-crafty working moms like me, that is the exact right thing to say.
craft projects at moomah the magazine } via cool mom picks

PDATE 11/20
: the free Moomah the magazine is officially here! Check it out for so many great craft ideas and more!