A few years back we admitted our collective devotion to Biscoff cookies–you know, those ones you get on the airplanes?–and it turns out we were not alone. Since then we’ve discovered the joy of Biscoff cookie spread, and now we’re drooling because it turns out you can do more with it than eat it right out of the jar with a spoon. I mean uh, spread it on toast. 

Biscoff Truffles | In Katrina's Kitchen

One of the great thing about this Biscoff Truffle recipe
from In Katrina’s Kitchen (besides the fact that we could probably eat
42 in one sitting) is that it only uses four ingredients, plus milk
chocolate–although I’m thinking dark chocolate would be more my speed.

other thing that’s cool is that it’s a great idea for kids with peanut
allergies. Katrina suggests that it’s a great substitute for peanut
butter, with a similar texture and taste, but no nuts at all.

Sorry in advance, thighs. I’ll make it up to you later. –Liz

Find Katrina’s printable recipe for Biscoff Truffles and three more delicious Biscoff spread recipes online at A Southern Fairytale.