I give up. My daughters like the idea of makeup as part of their dress-up routine. Uncle! Still, I insist on two things: it’s not for wearing to school, and it needs to be kid-friendly makeup, as in all-natural, with no harmful stuff. So I love a company putting together little organic cosmetic gift sets filled with just that.

The Eco Princess kid-friendly makeup set is filled with all-natural and organic mineral makeup that’s free of sulfates, parabens, and other toxins (all of which I should probably be avoiding myself). While it doesn’t have as much as I was hoping for in that little bag (our “let’s play makeup, Mommy!” time was shorter than expected) what is in there will make your kiddo pretty happy. You get two mineral eye shadows and a blush, a shimmery lip balm made from beeswax and natural oils, and a water-based nail polish that, at least in my press sample, was mercifully pale.

I found the nail polish comes off pretty easy with a little scrubbing and water, and unless you’re using a makeup base, the mineral shadows will wear off fairly quickly–which isn’t a bad thing. This really is for young kids playing dress-up, and not for 12 year-olds starting to go out with eyeshadow smeared out to their temples. (Or was that just me?)

My only teeny complaint is the whole princess theme. Sometimes my girls are putting on makeup so they can feel like butterflies or tightrope walkers in the circus, you know? And while it’s great to pick your fabric for the pouch, I’d love if you could pick the makeup colors too–I’m not sure how such light colors will look on darker skin tones.

In any case, it’s a sweet gift that will make your little girl feel very, very grownup. Whether or not you’re ready for it. –Liz

Find the Eco Princess kid-friendly makeup set online at Organic Beauty Now


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