While overall, I admit I’m growing a little weary of all the membership-only shopping sites (and the subsequent eight million “OUR SALE IS STARTING!” alerts in my inbox each day), there is a new one I’m excited about. I love its focus on artistry, creativity and the kind of talented designers that we always get excited about when we discover them on Etsy.

Metallic braided bracelet | Sarah Broski

The new site BRIKA seems to me a bit like a cross between Fab, Uncovet and Joyus.
It’s a rather minimalist site–all about beautiful items from artists and small brands you get to learn a little more about through profiles, and guest posts on the BRIKA blog.

BRIKA artists

The selection is decently well-curated with very few exceptions, and items range from handmade jewelry to housewares, paper goods,
and children’s clothing and gifts. Here are just a few things I found
looking around this week, though keep in mind they may be gone soon
since sales only last a few days:

Above: Braided leather bracelet by Sara Broski, $21

Handmade iPad case | Rachel Shingleton

Handmade iPad case by Rachel Shingleton of Pencil Shavings Studio, $50

Macarons wrapping paper | Shana Frase

Macarons wrapping paper by Shana Frase, $15

Suede bangle | Courtney Web

Mint suede bangle by Courtney Webb, $36

Suede baby booties | MANIMAL

Baby Fringe Booties by Kristen Lombardi of Manimal, $55

While the prices seem decent, I’m not entirely sure how much this site is about discounts as it is about
curation and exclusives–the booties are $5 off the regular $60 retail,
and I spotted Wee Gallery wall decals and stamp sets for around 10% off the regular price; however, unlike other sites, the discounts are not indicated on the site.

Still, when I’m supporting small artists like these, it’s not like I expect everything for free. Girl’s gotta make a living!

As for the minor complaints: You can’t browse the items without having registered
first, which always drives me nuts. However the BRIKA folks assure me
they’re fixing that pronto. The  shipping charges ain’t cheap. I also wish that they’d provide a dedicated code or url for you to invite friends, instead of having to go through a website form. But since the site is still in beta, and the team seems wildly smart and enthusiastic, that change may be pending as well.

In any case, take my word that if you like what you’re seeing above, you’ll be unlikely to regret the
registration. –Liz

Join BRIKA–you don’t need an invitation. And Cool Mom Picks readers use “BRIKACOOL” for 20% off your first purchase. 

If you invite friends and they join, you’ll get $10 when they make their first purchase. Shipping is available to the U.S. and Canada starting at $6.95 for orders under $25.

If you’d like to sell items through BRIKA, use their Become a Maker form.

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