In my part of the country, it is definitely more hot-cocoa time than ice-cream weather. But not according to my kids who know that any day is perfect for ice cream. Which is why this sweet-smelling six-pack of cones would be a welcome addition to their playtime, no matter what the temperature is.

Created by Colorado’s eco-friendly BeginAgain, this Scented Scoops ice cream toy for kids consists of six ice cream cones with removable scoops that can be carried around using a special beechwood tray. Coffee, tea, or ice cream?

But there is some very new technology at use here too, with each ice-cream scoop being made of 100% compostable cornstarch rubber, which has such a nice silky feel to it. All this makes this one “cool” toy in many ways. What’s also cool about this material is that it holds on to a scent, so the vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry scoops all smell like the real stuff.

I love that this toy blends old and new in such a smart way. It is an old-fashioned toy in that there are no Day-Glo colors that could interpreted as newfangled flavors like–ack–cotton candy ice cream. Instead lovely, muted shades of those three Neapolitan flavors I grew up with top the cones. There are no batteries, no LED lights, and no sound effects in the plain beechwood cones. And there are no instructions for how to turn these into an educational toy.I don’t think a kid ever needs instructions for ice cream. –Christina

You can find BeginAgain’s Scented Scoops at our affiliate Amazon.

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