I admit it. I used to settle for a cup of coffee from just about anywhere, then quickly douse it with milk and sweetener. Then I had a proper cup of joe, which was like the pigeon describing a hot dog to the duck in Mo Willem’s beloved The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog: “They are a taste sensation. Each morsel is a joy!”

Thanks to this new monthly coffee subscription service that’s all about coffee, that joy is now yours to give to others.

Purchase a gift subscription to Tonx [edited to add, Tonx is now Blue Bottle Coffee]–I suggest getting the fresh whole beans to keep it fresher longer. The beans are all chosen by people who live, eat, and breathe coffee. They come from a long line of coffee experts and they are passionate about their beans. They build relationships with their growers so their roasts are far from anonymous.

What I really dig is the attention to detail that Tonx rocks. The packages are meticulously packed (the box has a real gift feel, which I totally love). Each bag is vacuum sealed and comes with a description of the pick as well as information on the grower.

Costwise, it’s not the same as a can of Folger’s from the supermarket, but you will certainly be saving money if you are a daily cafe patron.

The only problem? Your giftee may make the neighborhood cafe baristas sad when she stops showing up all the time.

Coffee Gift Subscriptions are available at Blue Bottle Coffee–formerly Tonx–and it’s a great last-minute gift idea! Be sure to also check out the special messenger bag gift set with a hand grinder, home brew method, and beans all rolled into one.

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