We love end-of-year charitable donations (or any time of year) to deserving organizations, and we’ve always been fans of Heifer International. Especially now that they’ve made it even easier to help a family take care of itself through your donation–and it happens to make a fabulous Christmas gift too.

Heifer International is an amazing nonprofit that for years has been working to end world hunger by giving milk cows, goats, and flocks of chicks to impoverished communities–all to help the communities help themselves. And this year, they’ve added their own Christmas Wish List that makes it really easy to find a way to give that most resonates with you.

For example, you can decide to give a goat (or just a share of a goat), which will provide one family with up to a ton of milk a year–and the family can give their goat’s kids to other families and help spread the love. It’s so much fun to get your kids involved too; they really love helping you decide on just which gift resonates with them too.

Give a goat with Heifer International

You could also decide give a flock of starter chicks, which will eventually produce about 200 eggs for a family can eat and sell. Or hey, give a family a stove, help a community grow trees, or provide fresh water–so many of the things we’re fortunate to take for granted ourselves.

Not only do these gifts keep on giving–what they give is food, water, and empowerment. Not bad things to find under the Christmas tree. Lexi

Find a great way to donate with Heifer International’s Christmas Wish List 

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