I just got wind of the most beautiful idea – a group putting together a mountain of handmade snowflakes from children everywhere, to help decorate the new halls of the brand new school where the Sandy Hook elementary students will be returning after the holidays.

The information is on the National Parent-Teacher Association Facebook page, but the gist is simple: Send handmade snowflakes to: Connecticut PTA, 60 Connolly Parkway, Building 12, Suite 103, Hamden, CT06514

Now obviously not every parent has talked to their children about the recent tragedy, nor should you. I think you could still get your younger kids involved by telling them that you’re making snowflakes to help some kids in need to decorate their classrooms. No need for a lot of specifics.

One thing I’ve learned, is that children love helping other children, whatever the reason. Another thing I’ve learned–paper snowflakes bring peace. To those of us making them, and to those of us who get to come home to them. Especially in Connecticut in a few weeks. –Liz

Please send snowflakes to the Connecticut PTA  for arrival before 1/12/13. For other resources and ways to help, please visit PTA.org

[thanks jeanine!]