I caved. After years of avoiding the store and hiding the catalog, I finally gave in and bought two American Girl Dolls for my daughters for Christmas. But in doing so, I swore that I’d support Etsy artists and crafters by buying as much handmade clothing for American Girl Dolls as possible.

With help in part from Grammy (thanks Grammy!) who helped find so many of these great designs, here are a few shops to keep your eye on should you be looking to style Kit or Kaya or McKenna in something a little off the beaten path. And psst…AG clothes or 18″ doll clothes are both code for just what you’re looking for. -Liz


Handmade American Girl Doll Clothes | Sew Fun Dolls
Handmade American Girl doll clothes | Sew Fun Doll Clothes

Sew Fun Doll Clothes
This Spokane shop may be my very favorite, especially if you want contemporary styles that your own daughter might wear herself. The doll stockings in particular are wonderful–we are proud owners of the pink stripes seen here, but I imagine the black and white star ones are next on our list.

There’s also a great selection of original outfits for 18″ dolls (snowflake outfit shown at very top) most in the $18-22 range. We’ll be back here for sure.


Handmade American Girl doll ballet outfit | AM PM
American Girl handmade quilted vest | AM PM

AM PM Creations Too
The 4-piece American Girl doll sized ballerina outfit fits nicely and the shoes are beyond adorable–if you can keep your kid from tying them in 37 knots. Plus it’s $8 less than the official version which is kind of nice. ($22, 4-piece set)She also makes some cool, contemporary separates like this funky quilted vest  which honestly, I’d wear in my size. ($12)

American Girl doll handmade poncho | Lavender Lore

Lavender Lore
I am so in love with the crocheted poncho sets ($12.50) from this artist, which are all handmade to order in the colors of your choice. All her items are clearly beautifully crafted and made with love, judging from the number of orders and the excellent feedback. It’s like having your own surrogate crocheting Grandma.


Handmade American Girl doll clothes | DressURDolly2

Handmade American Girl doll clothes | DressURDolly2

If you like more traditional styles, this shop is packed with one-of-a-kind peasant tops, swingy dresses and matching hair bows. (3 piece sets around $18.) You’ll also find some shoes plus basics like fleece sweatshirts.

Handmade American Girl doll clothes | DressURDolly2

It’s not all traditional though; there are a few trendy pieces to be found like this very awesome French leopard coat and hat set ($30) which…well, take that, Madeline.


Handmade American Girl doll clothes | Doll Closet on etsy

Doll Closet
While she doesn’t have the biggest selection, I love the fitted tees and leggings at this shop each for just $8, which you can order in 24 different colors. Instant wardobe basics, done. Although if it were my doll, I’d be all over her purple snakeskin leggings ($10). So fun!

[thanks amye!]

If you have a favorite source for handmade American Girl Doll clothes please leave them in comments. We’d love to know!