One of my resolutions this year is to be a little more diligent about getting kids to write thank-you cards. So the first thing I did was order some that they got to pick out themselves. They were so thrilled to see them arrive that they jumped at the chance to start scribbling sweet notes of thanks.

Here are the cards my girls picked out, along with some others that might strike a chord with your own kids; boys or girls, little ones to teens. The thing that matters most of course is that they love their thank-you notes. Trust me, it’s the easiest way to get that pencil in their hands.

When I first saw these personalized kids’ notecards at Olliegraphic I thought they were the cutest things ever. Kids will go crazy over cards that look just like them and will be eager to send them out. It’s also nice that there are a lot of choices, from skin color to hair style to facial expression. Even add a name or a little bit of text you want. This shop is so wonderful with custom orders–it’s always a joy to order from them.

Custom printable kids' note cards | Olliegraphic

If you want to save a little money, you can even have the design personalized by Olliegraphic, then order it as custom printable stationery which gives you five PDF files for folded cards, gift tags, a note pad, letter paper and an envelope. If you’ve got a great printer, full ink cartridges and nice paper, it’s a great deal. (Update: this option is no longer available via Etsy, but Olliegraphic has plenty of personalizing options on their website.)

LEGO thank you notes | Blonde Girl

I am beyond in love with these LEGO thank you notes (I mean uh, non-branded “building block” thank you notes) from Etsy shop Blonde Girl. You can also have them personalized with your child’s name. What an amazing note card for a kid who’s just had a LEGO-themed party–or tends to get LEGO gifts. Or just really really likes LEGO. I think that’s most kids.

Personalized kids' thank you cards | Paper Culture

As simple as they are, these word bubble custom thank you cards from Paper Culture were exactly what my kids picked out, even from a huge range of thank you cards for kids. (I have to be honest, I like them too!) They added their names at the bottom of these nicely printed, recycled paper cards, chose from several colors, and customized the back, which was so much fun for them. There’s just enough space in that bubble for a brief sentence or two, which is really all it takes. And the service at Paper Culture is so amazing–they get back to you quickly, and they’re wonderful about making a change from the original proof should you need it. As I learned, when my kindergartner suddenly wanted her xoxo on the back to say love instead.

Thank you notes for teen boys | Naavale

If you’ve got a too-cool-to-write-thank-you-notes tween or teen, Etsy’s Naavale has some wonderful options based on illustrations of…feet. I think this Converse Thank You Card kinda says it all. If he prefers Timberlands and baggies? They’ve got that too.

Personalized photo thank you notes for boys | Shutterfly

I’m one of those people who believes you should never own “from the desk of…” stationery until you’re old enough to actually have a desk. Which you use. To write on your own stationery. The same goes for “a note from…” stationery–you need to actually write the note, kid! And when that day comes, Shutterfly has some nice affordable options like this personalized kids thank you card complete with your little star’s photo. Just add lopsided handwriting. Perfection.

Personalized silhouette notecards | Minted

Minted has a ton of personalized kids’ stationery, and because it comes so beautifully boxed up, it makes a nice gift on its own. Hey, then they have the thank-you notes built right in, right? I really like this vintage silhouette note card for a girl, customized with a name. Of course it does help if she actually looks a little like the silhouette.

Personalized Hello Kitty stationery box | Fine Stationery

I know if my daughters had this Hello Kitty stationery set the real problem would be keeping them from using it all at once. Fortunately there are 125 sheets in there, and while you can personalize it with a name, the thin paper keeps it from being too precious. It doesn’t come with envelopes but it does come with that cool box that I sense will get some good use long after the paper is gone.

Color your own thank you cards | Stubby Pencil Studio

Stubby Pencil Studio is a longtime favorite of ours, making cute gift sets of color-your-own cards perfect for preschoolers and grade-schoolers. There are even now cards specifically that say thank you on the front in dotted lines–all ready for tracing from early writers. But kids of all ages really have a blast coloring them in, and your recipient will treasure the front just as much as what’s inside.

Donut notecards | I-Scream Shop

I don’t know what it is about tween girls but anything with sugar seems to be up their alleys. I think these donut note cards at I-Scream Shop are pretty cute, but should your kiddo be into cupcakes, gummy bears, or Willie Wonka-esque giant lollipops, you’re in luck.