The thing about smart kids is that most t-shirts out there are not made for them. You know what I mean. So I was so excited to find this awesome shop that pays homage to everyone from Carl Sagan and Marie Curie to Tesla and Dr. Who. (Who smart kids know was not actually a real doctor.)

Geek shirts for kids!

If you’ve got a science-minded kid who rocks, you’ll both see stars over these science t-shirts for kids from meganlee on Etsy. Science, astronomy, geek chic, and Doctor Who feature prominently. Trust us–they have about the coolest Hawking or Copernicus shirt around.

Choose your shirt color, size, and any of the designs in the shop, and in two to three weeks, you’ll receive your made-to-order cotton shirt. With nine colors, four sizes from XS to L, and thirty-four different design choices, that’s a total of 1224 possible choices. Not even counting the adult versions. And I know that, because I’m a geek girl, too. Delilah

Build your own fantastically geeky kids’ t-shirts at Megan Lee Studio on Etsy. Megan Lee also creates cool science posters, art prints, stickers, and more.

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