Montessori sand box for children | Little Alouette
One of the neat things about sending the kids off to preschool is seeing all the fun developmental toys they get to play with. It’s also one of the mildly guilt-inducing things. Like, uh…was I supposed to be giving them all these fun developmental toys to play with at home?

I love that Little Alouette,
one of the very best mom-and-pop artisans of handmade wooden baby toys
and teethers, is increasingly moving into some neat stuff for toddlers.
Check out this nifty sensory literacy sand tray, which looks like it could be found in
any Montessori classroom, only probably prettier. Designed with high
sides to keep the contents inside as best as possible, you can fill it
with sand, salt, or even cornmeal so kid can make shapes and designs to
their heart’s content. There are some great tips on the website for ways
to use it.

When your kids get older and outgrow its original intent, I
can guarantee you’ll find plenty of uses for it in their room. Kids do
have a tendency to accumulate things as they get older. Like those fun
developmental toys. –Liz

Find the handmade Montessori-style children’s sand tray and more online at Little Alouette.

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