You Are My Baby | Lorena Siminovich
Illustrator Lorena Siminovich of Petit Collage is one of those artists who just keeps producing lovely things. From her line of nursery decor to flash cards to adorable dolls, count us as ongoing fans. And now she’s giving us two more reasons, with two new baby board books that will be terrific additions to that starter library.

You Are My Baby: Farm and You Are My Baby: Safari are as great for manipulation and motor skills as they are for those little eyes and ears. The prose is a simple, repetitive story that matches parent to child; things like You swim in the stream…you are my baby, little crocodile. However, the second phrase is revealed in a sort of book-within-the-book. As babies become toddlers, they’ll love turning the page themselves and finding the match between baby animal and parent.
You Are My Baby by Lorena Siminovich
I also happen to love that the very cute animals, as far as I can tell, are without gender (well, perhaps with the exception of the cow and chicken). Which means that whether you’re a new dad or a new mom, you can feel perfectly comfortable with grabbing this one of the shelf. –Liz

Find You Are My Baby: Farm and You Are My Baby: Safari by Lorena Siminovich online at our affiliate Amazon

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