I’m not usually someone who posts inspirational messages or quotes on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest for that matter, let alone on the walls of my home;  but when I saw this lovely print, I decided to make an exception. Especially because of where the money goes.

Be Fearless print for LIFT campaign

This sweet Be Fearless print is an original collaboration between Fresh Words Market and the LIFT campaign, and 100% of the proceeds from its purchase will go to this organization which helps eradicate poverty and create more opportunities for people in need, right here in the United States. So cool! 
I love the simple design (not just because I have similar birds tattooed on my shoulder) and the powerful message. In fact, I can’t decide whether to put this 11 x 14 poster in my own office or my girls’ room. Maybe one in each. -Kristen

You can order the Be Fearless print at Fresh Words Market. 100% of the purchase goes to support LIFT. Learn more about their mission at LiftCommunities.org

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