3D Bird Tree Puzzle
Puzzles really need to pop to stand out amongst the competition these days. When you give a puzzle, it can sometimes go unnoticed in a sea of blinking lights or licensed Harry Potter allure.

I am absolutely in love with this handmade Bird Tree Puzzle that your child can use for creative play or as a good old fashioned manipulative. Plus it’s so beautiful it could serve as a dinner centerpiece at a funky shabby chic affair. (Maybe?)
The birds are simple and sweet thanks to the gentle colors and nontoxic dyes. But don’t get me wrong, this will be a bit of a challenge for little hands. Especially if you are anything like me and a bit spatially lacking. Yes, I am the person who drives by a parking spot because I find it difficult to eyeball if my car will fit into the space.
You certainly get what you pay for, and a handcrafted German keepsake toy doesn’t come cheap. Just keep in mind that the birds are small enough to put in little mouths, so don’t go any younger than about age three. –Eva

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