Personalized Wooden Toy SkittlesGrowing up, I used to love spotting my name on keychains, toothbrushes, shoelaces, and whatever else happened to be hanging on those spinning racks by store cash registers. Kids today–well, my weirdly named kids, at least–don’t always have the same fun name-spotting opportunities as I once did.

That’s why I always get excited when I find great customizable gifts for kids, especially keepsake-worthy ones like this.

These Personalized Wooden Toy Skittles (no, not the candy) from KeepsakeToys fit the bill perfectly. Durable and plenty of fun for indoor play, this 10-pin wooden bowling set can be personalized with up to
ten letters. That’s one per pin, if you’re counting. Perfect for every
little Alessandro, Bernadette, Montgomery, and Clementine in your life.

Or make it a family name. Whatever you like.

Disclaimer: Yes,
the wooden ball rolling down the hardwood hallway is loud. Okay, really
loud. But we’ve had a similar set for years and my kids still love to play with it, which makes indoor bowling (or skittling!) a smashing success in my book.

Not to mention the pins make really great microphones when the kids are singing along to
their favorite songs. Hmmm, how many letters are there in Taylor Swift,
anyway? Stephanie S.

Personalize your own wooden bowling set at KeepsakeToys.