Watch out, world. (Ha, get it? Yeah, sometimes we can’t resist.) Whether you’re a hip mom, a cool dude, or someone with metal allergies, we bet you’ll groove on these natural wooden wristwatches, and the fact that each watch purchase funds the planting of a new tree.


Wooden wristwatch

WeWood Timepieces crafts light, comfy, breathable watches out of real wood–it’s that simple. They’re truly little pieces of art, and definitely conversation starters. The pics on the WeWood website support their assertion that the watches are ridiculously pretty for a girl or ruggedly handsome for a guy. Considering I wear a wood or leather bangle almost every day, it would be great to have a bauble that could do double duty.

And Valentine’s Day is on its way: this is so much better than a heart-patterned tie or a box of candy from the drugstore. Though yeah, most things are.

The best part, in my opinion? They’re eco-conscious and sustainable. For each watch purchased, WeWood plants a tree. That means your great-great-grandkids can wear wood watches, too. Maybe even from the tree planted by your watch. Wood-n’t that be cool? –Delilah
Buy WeWood Timepieces at the WeWood website.

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