Yes, having a day off from school is exciting for the kids, but on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day, I’d also like for them to reflect upon the reason they are getting a day away from lessons. And even though they are old enough to have heard Dr. King’s I Have a Dream speech a few times, there is a new book that brings it to life with such compelling illustrations, I don’t think they’ll mind cracking a book today.

The recently released I Have a Dream book and CD take the unforgettable words of Martin Luther King Jr. and make them even more powerful with the illustrations of Kadir Nelson.


Kadir Nelson I Have a Dream speech

Kadir Nelson illustration

Kadir Nelson I Have a Dream

As in his books Hewitt Anderson’s Great Big Life and Ellington Was Not a Street, there is so much emotion and personality in Kadir Nelson’s illustrations, you’ll want to linger on the pages before you continue reading. What a wonderful book to add to your family’s library. 

I Have a Dream by Martin Luther King Jr and illustrated by Kadir Nelson is available at our affilate Amazon. Also, don’t miss some of our past-year’s picks about Dr. King, like this fabulous Brain Pop Jr. educational cartoon, some of our favorite ereaders about his life, and this free Readeez video of his I Have a Dream speech.