Bacon Peanut Brittle
It seems that our society might be seeking out a few too many reasons to celebrate each and every day of the year (Penguin Awareness day anyone?). That said, I have found room for some elite exceptions. With today being National Peanut Brittle Day.

In this house, brittle is king. My husband is quite the connoisseur and in
our foodie expeditions in and around our eclectic island city we are
happy to share that we have struck pure gold.

Seeing as how it only comes once a year, I think today is a perfectly good excuse to buy some.

Straight from the heart of New York’s East Village comes a special treat that has turned this American sweet treat into a savory delicacy, The Redhead restaurant’s Bacon Peanut Brittles. And they mean business.

Clusters of peanuts, maple, bacon and seasonings, these brittles have a spicy, bold character. Grandma’s classic candy recipe this is not. These babies have kick to the point you may need a glass of water for a chaser–or a glass of milk for that matter.

Large Bacon Peanut Brittles | The Redhead

If you have a hard to shop for guy in your life, or know anyone who
dons a “keep calm and eat bacon” shirt, this is your new go-to gift. Because it just might be true that
everything is better with bacon. Stephanie M

If you happen to find yourself in New York City you can buy these treats at the The Redhead Restaurant in person or you can order their Bacon Peanut Brittle online. Happy munching.

[Ed note: Stephanie is right; these are the best things ever. That is all. -Liz]

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