I suppose it’s just my luck that now that my youngest has outgrown her nursery, I’m finding all sorts of cool nursery decor and accessories. But that’s why I love Jonathan Adler’s Junior collection so much, because it works as well for babies as it does for older kids–especially his new line of stuffed toys that I can’t stop looking at. 

Jonathan Adler Junior stuffed toy cheetah
{Don’t miss your chance to bring home an adorable Adler owl, just after the jump!}

The new Jonathan Adler Junior stuffed toys are what you might expect from one of my favorite designers: bold, bright, and quirky. 
Since they’re crafted out of canvas with embroidery over some of the print (such a cool detail), I imagine they’re made more for play and display rather than cuddling, but that hasn’t stopped my daughter from taking the cheetah and her small violin (which tucks away in a pocket in the back of the toy) with her everywhere. 

Geeky Owl stuffed toy | Jonathan Adler

I’m also loving the embroidered spectacles and argyle on the geeky owl, who comes equipped with this own calculator. 

Giraffe stuffed toy | Jonathan Adler

And for the fireperson-slash-police loving kids, you have to get the giraffe with his suspenders (cute!) and ever-important walkie-talkie. 

I have to admit, I’m digging that they’re so gender neutral (yep, not missing the fairies). And what a nice change to the soft, fuzzy pastel animals that we parents can’t seem to escape. Kristen

Update: Congratulations to Marla W, winner of an adorable Adler owl pillow!