With the big snowstorm about to hit the Northeast, we’re gathering activities to keep our kids busy and happy while the snow falls outside. So make sure your fridge is stocked, grab some hot chocolate, and check out these helpful suggestions. Stay safe and warm, mamas!

– Here’s a round-up of cool board games beyond Candy Land that even your littlest ones will enjoy.

-We love this adorable paper craft tutorial that’s easy for kids of all ages. Just grab some paper, scissors, and a bit of glue and you’ll be ready to go.

-Charge up your iPad or iPhone and download these awesome apps for preschoolers that they’ll love and won’t drive you batty.

-We’ve got over a dozen ways to make your own fun with stuff you’ve already got packed in your toy box or hiding in your kitchen cupboards.

Make your own Valentine’s Day gifts with these amazing ideas we rounded-up. Love the treat jars!

-Fire up your printer and grab a bunch of these free, printable paper dolls that your girls and boys will love.

Need more ideas? We’ve got lots of easy crafts for kids in our archives! 

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