Family Necklace Moomah

If you’re stuck in Irene’s path this weekend, most of all, we hope you’re safe! After that, here are a few of our favorite ways to spend your electricity-free time hunkered down in close quarters with the family.

Got game?
Apps and online games are no match in a storm for a good, old fashioned board game. Dust off the Monopoly, Scrabble, or if you’re lucky enough to have one, the 3D Angry Birds game.

Getting crafty
If your craft closet is stocked (or you can make it to a Michael’s), you’re in good shape–especially if you take a good look around our Crafts category. A few highlights: the Moomah website is a great resource for DIY projects with the kids. And there are great ideas in our post on 10 activities for a rainy day. We also love this round-up of bunny-centric crafts that are cute well beyond Easter, and you can make all sorts of puppet animals using that bunny pattern.

Crack a hardcover
The kids will love it if you crack open a new kids book–maybe even the Wizard of Oz? It might be comforting for young children to imagine the storm as something adventurous and not scary.

Fiesta Head kids whisk

Hit the kitchen
Cooking with kids is a great time killer if you’ve got the gas oven working. Or have fun with what’s in the fridge and the pantry–dig through your family-friendly cookbooks or crack open those parenting magazines you have lying around for recipe ideas.

Travel, right from home
Look through all those toys you have designated for travel, which just might find new life right at home. Our kids love toys like this mermaid magnet set or this handy water-driven drawing board which can distract them longer than you realize.

Put on a puppet show! With an audience not distracted by phones ringing or emails beeping, your kids will be thrilled.

Showtime, part deux
Open up the costume box and put on a real show.

It’s a draw
Quick, stock up on new printables while you still have power. A few good resources: Crayola Story Studio, HP Creative Studio (also built right into their printer), and the PBS Kids website.

2-D is underrated
Paper dolls! It’s a craft and a performance piece all in one.

Say thanks
As long as you’re thinking crafts, consider catching up on thank you notes that you’ve been meaning for the kids to write. Not only is this a good time to feel grateful for being safe, if you’re like us, you’ve got plenty that are overdue.

-Liz + Delilah