It’s hard to imagine a world without little plastic bricks, especially if you have a kid who’s obsessed. But what if LEGO were made of wood? The cool part is that they actually exist. And they’re compatible with the original bricks too.


Japanese firm Mokurokku has created a line of all-natural Mokulock bricks made of woods like maple and birch that turn building blocks into an art form. Each package costs $31 US and includes fifty wooden LEGO bricks. The details (which are in Japanese) mention that some warping may occur due to heat and humidity–so keep them off the radiator!–but the bricks should interlock just fine with the LEGO parts you have at home.



As the only site we can find to order Mokulock bricks is 99% in Japanese, we’ll be on the lookout for more information and easy ordering from North America. The idea of wooden LEGO pieces was just too cool not to mention. We love seeing something as ubiquitous as LEGO turned completely around. Who knew LEGO could be so zen? –Delilah

Find Mokulock bricks at the Mokorokku site. We’re not exactly sure how to order them, but it looks like this is the purchase link. Anyone speak Japanese?

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