What can we say? We heart these adorable crocheted hats, which are just as good for fighting crime in the playroom as they are for keeping little ears warm on Hoth.

Our pals at Geekling have a new line for babies and kids: geeky crocheted hats. [Updated link] They’re beautifully handmade in soft, stretchy cotton yarn and available in four sizes from newborn up to XL (which supposedly fits ages 3 to 8). But here’s a secret: that Leia hat fits me just fine, and my head is by no means small. I know what I’m wearing on May the 4th!

Whether you’re into Star Wars, superheroes, or Doctor Who, there’s a perfect hat for your kid. Especially if you get the Dalek hat and teach them to run around with a toilet plunger, shouting, “Exterminate!”


Dalek hat!

Leia hat!

R2D2 hat!

Tardis hat!

Even though winter is almost over, these hats will be in the dress-up bin for a long time. Much like a Tardis, they’re bigger on the inside. –

Find geeky baby hats at Geekling Designs. They also have Yoda and Spiderman.