Why, yes, I’ve accidentally used salt when I meant to use sugar. Why do you ask?

I’ll wait for you to politely spit out that cookie.

In case your kitchen is as cluttered as mine–totally my kids’ fault, you know–here are three different labeling systems that can help you make sense of all those powders and spices.

Chalkboard kitchen labels on Cool Mom Picks

We love the chalkboard concept, with its clean black-and-white lines and the fact that you can erase and rewrite should a canister change uses (or a little artist get her hand on a chalk marker). Charlie Chalk on Etsy has hundreds of different vinyl labels for all your needs, each easy to apply and meant to last up to five years. The shop also sells chalk markers, in case you like to bundle your shopping. Just be sure you’re not labeling anything that would freak you out to get erased…like expiration dates?

We can always count on Martha Stewart for smart, easy DIY organization ideas. These free printable canister labels come in two different colors and include labels for flour, sugar, coffee, tea, and, of course, cookies. Just pick up some clear window decal clings at the office supply store, print off whatever you need, cut them out, and smooth them onto your canisters. You can always use leftover clings to make fun holiday window decorations.

Mabel's Labels kitchen labels on Cool Mom Picks

Mabel’s Labels make great labels–like these amazing laminated labels for kid stuff we recently featured. The neat thing about their kitchen labels however, is that you can customize them to suit your needs, including size, design, and of course, what they say. Perfect for when you’re a fan of rare spices or pink Himalayan rock salt, none of which ever appear in those pre-made label sets.

The labels are dishwasher- and microwave-safe and you can even coordinate labels for canisters, bins, spice jars, and more. Just peel and stick–I like that.

We suggest that once all those canisters and spices are neatly labeled, you take the entire family out to dinner. Might as well enjoy the peace of an organized kitchen for an entire day, right? –Delilah


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