Until I had a baby, I didn’t understand the purpose of a sleep sack. But as a new mama, oh, my eyes were opened. I sought out the perfect cozy nighttime sack that would ensure my little girl had a safe, warm, sleep-filled night…so I would too. And I sure wish that this sleep sack had been around back then.

Bella Bundles sleep bundles on Cool Mom Picks

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We’ve long adored Bella Bundles for its gorgeous, oh-so-smart line of snap-under-the-chin towels. Now they’ve added the sweetest sleep bundles to the mix. Swoon.

Made in luxuriously soft, 100-percent cotton, each bundle is lined with a plush fabric that keeps your baby warm and snuggly all night long (without overheating). The bundles have snap closures at the top and down the front, so midnight changes are as easy as they can be (I mean, as easy as it can be, when you’re half-asleep changing a diaper in the middle of the night). At $90 each, they may feel like a splurge (and kind of are), but they could be a perfect registry gift for a few friends to go in on. Especially if your bebe loves the cozy factor of a sleep sack like mine.

Safety-wise, a sleep sack is a great way to go–no risk of tangled bedding. Plus, the prints are so mod and cool, you’ll want to keep the light on just to admire them. 

Ha! No, that’s crazy talk. Turn off that light, Mama, and get thee to bed. (But they really are beautiful.) Lexi

Put your 6- to 24-month-old in a soft, safe baby sleep sack from Bella Bundles.

Congratulations to Margaux J!  She won a large sleep bundle in the black ring dot pattern from Bella Bundles. 

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