Wayyyy back in 2006 when I first discovered the non-profit Children’s Environmental Health Coalition blog, now better known as Healthy Child, Healthy World, well as a brand new mom it was like the sky opening, the clouds parting and rainbows dancing around. How wonderful to find a one-stop place for tangible info on how to make my baby’s environment safer and more healthy.

healthy child healthy world on cool mom picks

(Let’s be honest, we new moms can get a little anxious over stuff like that. Yes? Just a little?)

Just yesterday, the new site has totally relaunched and wow mamas, is it good. The new healthychild.org is beautifully redesigned and organized, and I imagine a whole lot of parents will be turning to it even more often for advice, support, and reassurance.

healthy child healthy world on cool mom picks

With the goal of creating a better future for all children, you’ll find lots of easy recommendations on healthy living, with tips on everything for ways to reduce PVC in your home; what cookware to avoid (Teflon, bad!); prepping produce to eliminate pesticides; baby food-making tips; and advice for choosing more eco-friendly toys. (Hey, we already do that!)

Especially for you new parents or parents-to-be, there’s also a healthy nursery toolkit that I think you’ll find incredibly helpful. As long as you can get over stats in there like how new nurseries contain more than 300 chemicals.

healthy child healthy world on cool mom picks

Now as Chris Gavigan, the Healthy Child, Healthy World book author and now co-founder of Honest Baby once told me, “sometimes it’s tough when you know so much.”

In other words, some of you might find the totality of the information a wee bit overhwelming, if not alarmist. Not that it’s not all true. I’d say If you’re the type who really does panic about little things (and that’s okay! New parents are entitled!) you will either find great comfort here or possibly, more to panic about. Hopefully the former. Because really, the site is geared towards actionable steps you can actually take that really aren’t that hard.

Dump your Teflon pans–voila. One big thing off your list.

As for me, I just like feeling empowered, knowing that some small choices I make can make big differences for my kids. Sometimes small choices are all I can manage at a time. –Liz

Check out the wonderful new Healthy Child, Healthy World website. You can find out how to get involved, and even sign up to be among their blogger network if you’re an eco-minded parent with something to say about it.


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