Plush Peeps on Cool Mom PicksWhile I’ve been known to consume a whole flock of marshmallowy Peeps in one sitting, I’m not as eager to see what happens to my kids when they’re all hopped up on the sugary treats. So this Easter, I think I’ll tuck a different kind of Peep treat in their Easter baskets.

Like body doubles for “real” Peeps, the plush Peep Chicks and Bunnies come packaged in a little yellow box, in four Eastery pastel colors. And it’s nice to know that when my kids clutch one in their hands, they won’t get sugar all over their fingers. 

Plush Peeps on Cool Mom Picks

These cute little fellas are even soft and squishy like their candy cousins but, unlike edible Peeps, they won’t get hard and stale after a day left out in the air. In fact, this is one type of Peeps that I won’t mind finding in my kids’ beds. We all know these won’t leave crumbs. –Christina

Grab a set of Plush Peeps Chicks or Bunnies at Think Geek.