Marimekko childrens dinnerware on Cool Mom Picks
I love using colorful matching dish sets for my kids’ snacks and meals. Not to mention, I swear it makes my kids eat better.

And now, there’s a new line of children’s dinnerware from Marimekko–yes, the design house responsible for the iconic bold prints that may be on your couch cushions or even baby clothes–that I’m totally in love with.

Made from durable porcelain–so not for babies–the four different kids’ dish sets include a plate, a bowl, and a mug. On the plus side, porcelain means microwaves, dishwashers, ovens and freezers are all fair game.


Marimekko kids' flowers dish set on Cool Mom Picks

Now I will say the price is not cheap; in fact it really is an awful lot to spend on something you might end up sweeping up in tiny pieces alongside the overly ambitious leek-and-feta fritatta you dare serve your discerning chid. Come to think of it, maybe just consider that floral print for yourself? Still, it’s nice to window shop. So pretty. –Stephanie S.

Find fancy children’s dinnerware (and fancy everything else, too) at Marimekko.


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