It’s almost spring. Almost. That’s what I tell myself as I pull on knee-high socks, boots, and a coat. I’m not ready for full-on pastels, but these gorgeous, block-printed scarves are a great way to dip a toe into the bright, carefree colors of spring. 

Rikshaw scarves at Cool Mom Picks!

The founder of Rikshaw Designs, which we introduced to our readers years ago, has traveled the globe to bring traditionally block-printed textiles into the design world. We love the luscious bedding and clothing for women and children, but I’m especially digging the 100% cotton voile scarves. Especially for spring. Because some of us can’t do head-to-toe seafoam and coral, but we can use a light, pretty scarf for the perfect pop of color around the neck, on a bag handle, or as a hair accessory. Right?

I just love the up-close detail on the block printing, not to mention the hand-tied fringe. When you check out the pics of the Rikshaw Design artisan in Jaipur creating the prints carefully, one wooden stamp at a time, you realize that you’re not just wearing a scarf–you’re wearing a work of art. In the hottest colors of the season, no less, that will take you easily into summer and beyond. Delilah

Find block-printed scarves at Rikshaw Design. They have cute baby and kid stuff, too. Hint hint.

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