Passover is creeping up on us before we know it (quick! Buy matzoh before it’s all gone from the supermarket!) and while it’s not really the giftiest of holidays, I’m loving this sweet handmade toy set that can get little ones through a seder with minimal fussing.

Passover peg dolls set


The Passover peg dolls are lovely little handmade wooden dolls that represent Moses, Pharoah, and those ever-lovin’ 10 plagues in an appropriately un-gruesome way to help bring the story to life. There are also 3 random “Israelites” (dying to turn one into Leo G Carrol as Dathan), plus a clever tent building bracket you can use to transform two pieces of matzoh into an imaginative wilderness shelter.

It’s a great price for such an extensive handmade set that’s also packaged beautifully. And hey, if it distracts the kiddos while you’re hiding the Afikomen, all the better. –Liz

Visit Etsy’s Dressy Dolls Company and find the very cool Passover peg dolls set

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